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BisCAN at Bisley Fete

Jess and Pam enjoy the sunshine before the Bisley Fete

BisCAN enjoyed an afternoon in the sun at the Bisley fete. The BisCAN booklet of helpful information was distributed. Young and old were keen on the growing activities, with many packets of seed and compost from the Bisley Composting Scheme being taken home. Lettuce was the seed of choice, followed by kale and radish! Many people visit Bisley for the Fete and our local action extended BisCAN's reach to Scotland and London, the latter for people to grow their own rocket and salad in their window sills! About 35 children planted a seed or two to take home, and enjoyed the display on the wonders of soil. If you missed Bisley, come and see us at Oakridge village show on 4th September - doors open at 1300.

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Sep 02, 2021

And if you'd like to grow more greens rent an allotment from the Parish Council in Eastcombe, Bisley or Oakridge - only £15 p.a. check out

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