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Make your voice heard

Petitions can work.  IN 2019 people of the German State of Bavaria called for detailed changes to nature protection laws. Through word of mouth over 2 million signed the petition ultimately forcing the regional government to make fundamental changes to farming practices.  The grass roots petition also ultimately lead to the national government approving legislation to ban glyphosate from 2024.

Bike Handles

20 is plenty in Eastcombe and Chalford

Are you concerned about speeding vehicles locally? Would you like our roads to be safer for schoolchildren, pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers alike? 

20 mph limits on roads where where people live, work, shop, play and learn

  • reduce accidents

  • reduce pollution

  • reduce CO2 emissions

  • make active travel (biking, walking) possible for more residents

  • make it safer for horse-riders

  • have little impact on journey times

Sign the petition here.

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